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Such a long while since I’ve blogged, so full of promise for some new weightwatcher recipes and accountability for my pre xmas bod ha!!!! I don’t think weightloss has ever been further from my mind, infact I’m sure I’ve gained weight but I have shunned the scales in favour of a new foe, stress.

It’s taken me too long to tell the right person, but now I have I’m certain I can make things better.

I’ve not been feeling my usual perky self for quite a while. For anyone who follows me on Twitter I have done a lot of non descript ranting, and some very descript ranting at the lovely Mr T for not having sex with me, as if that was the problem.

My problem has been with work – my work is quite full of fuck wits, but I’m sure everyone’s is, it’s more the way I’ve been dealing with said fuck wits, and how I’ve let it affect me. So about a week ago I told my boss how I was feeling, really feeling, not just who I was annoyed with and why, and today I got to see a lovely lady who is gonna help me, which I will tell you all more about the better I get at it.

I feel like a bit of a ninny. Although I’ve always accepted other people can have problems like this I always imagined they weren’t trying very hard to get rid of it naively, I thought people were being a bit melodramatic.

I kept thinking to myself if I had a mega early night, the rest would help me just shake it off. I blamed feeling angry on how hard I work, not taking lunches, trying to study in my evenings, look after the flat, and being sleepy, I never imagined day to day life might just get the better of me, I know many people juggle so much more than that without a second thought.

So I will keep you all up to date, and I won’t make empty threats to blog more, I’ll just try my best and let you know, as honestly as I possibly can 🙂