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A time for catching up with life, now Christmas has come and gone, I can’t believe how long it has been since I last blogged. The addition of a decent computer in the Corningstone household is hopefully going to remedy that going forward but I shan’t make any more promises I could break or allude myself into thinking I will become a superstar blogger, however it is one less excuse not to blog I guess.

I am officially still a fatty, slightly less fat that after Christmas however the Easter Eggs I have to devour will soon see to it I am almost there. Me and Mr T went away in February and fell off the healthy band wagon, I chucked myself into revising all of March and managed to bribe myself into the books with chocolate which undid all the efforts of the first 6 weeks, I intend to get back on the wagon, but I still don’t feel like I miss my weight watchers meetings which is good I guess, I can do this on my own when I put my mind to it.

Work has been really shitty over the past few months, and I guess that’s one of the main reasons I have steered clear of the blogging and piled on the lbs a little. I started seeing a stress councillor in December and I have definitely learnt if you focus on the negative, that’s bound to make it worse. Ultimately the negative stuff is only my opinion so I have avoided writing about it, there’s no need to wind myself up further is there? The way I worsen and dwell on situations in my head was definitely harmful to my life and relationships, it has taken a while to see it but at the moment I have no new appointments planned with the lovely Vicki, so that’s a good sign.

I’ve stopped tweeting quite so much too, trying to put my learning first which is very boring but my feed was looking kinda woe is me for a while, apologies for the yawns y’all, I will never work myself into a better job if i don’t put the exams first i suppose, as corny as it is, I do control my future.

Last time I blogged me & Mr T were in an epic sex drought, about 11 weeks in the end I think. We spoke about it a little bit. I know my being stressed and depressed was a turn off for him, which makes me a little sad, as it’s  exactly the kind of release I was looking for after a long day in my crappy office! The way he can make me feel in bed is the comfort and love that I think could have sped things up for me, and put a silver lining on some aspects of my life, but I have come to realise that you get back what you put out, positivity breeds positivity, and although we are not at it like Easter bunnies, things have improved in the boudoir.

Getting over the awkwardness of almost three months without sex was the worst part I think, it was very brief, and for me emotional because it symbolised there was still a spark there, which I was concerned had left for him. I’ve started masturbating more though since the drought ended, realising I should have that release and those endorphins on my own, as well as with T, although we are living together now, we have to make time to do our own things and be responsible for our own happiness, wether that means knitting or wanking!

That pretty much sums up 2015 so far for me, and I feel really good for writing it at last *pats self on back* if you have lasted to the end of my little self motivating speech get yourself a nice drink now, we have certainly earned it I think, it does feel smarmy to write this sort of stuff but I hope it might be helpful to people who are wondering if things might get better, they definitely can.