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I thought I would write a post about wanking since there is little sex in the traditional sense, or weightloss in my life at the moment, there is however a lot of masturbation to use the Sunday name for it. I’ve always called it wanking from being a teenager, which I guess is pretty crude, and rather masculine – when I decided to start typing about it this was the only accompanying image I could think of…


‘Tommy Tank’

Once I tweeted a congratulatory tweet after a particularly epic wank one Saturday morning, I felt really chuffed with myself and think it’s amazing we have that ability at our *coughs* fingertips if you’ll pardon the pun. For some of my followers it went down like a lead balloon so I know this is a controversial topic. I do feel very naughty when I play with myself, even now in my own house it does feel like a treat for me, and I think that adds to the excitement, and I hope it never wears off.

I couldn’t write this post without looking up the synonyms for masturbation either, some of them are so fantastic, although many of them are masculine so I’d like to think I am doing some kind of service to womankind for promoting the poke with my Saturday night. My favourite of all which I have never heard of was “buffing the muffin” although “she bopping” on an American website was a solid runner up too.

I think masturbation is probably one of the most natural things in human existence, the fact some people can’t talk about it with their friends makes me feel sad. You don’t have to be making up for something lacking in your sex life to do it either and it shouldn’t be a substitute thought of as sex for single people. Since I left the relative congestion of my parents house in spite of gaining weight I have a lot more respect for my body and I love taking the chance to be naked when I’m on my own, door locked at all times!

Not much of a post but still a post none the less, I used the reward of some alone time to power me through my day today instead of a Double decker, I managed to get three loads of washing a workout and all the housework done, never mind mutual masturbation, mine is motivational!

Have nice weekends! xoxo