Merry Christmas everyone!

I’m back to the blog, after months and months, and months, and I’m thinking about deleting my old posts I’m not ready to be reminded of that stuff or time at the moment but I don’t know if I should get rid completely they might be useful some day or even make me laugh at some of the stuff which I hope will seem the most pathetic.

I hope this come back is going to be successful but who knows, I’d like to think it will be more like the second Bridget Jones than the thought of another Chipmunk movie but I guess time will tell.

Part of the reason I gave up blogging was lack of access to a computer, and I guess another part was the way I was using my blog to focus myself to really negative things and upset myself more than I thought it ever could, I guess I learnt I’m a more sensitive soul than I ever thought and stubborn as fuck since I kept it all to myself or on here.

Now however I’m back with a shiny new pink notebook I like to think of as the Barbie mobile which was a Christmas surprise, definitely not the colour I might have chosen but lovely never the less – hard not to smile a little every time I pick it up.

No great fairytale has occurred since I last blogged, more to the pity, however I think maybe I should share more on that with a ridiculously trendy and new age ’round up of my year’ type post over the next couple of days. For now I was just messing about and decided this was the place I wanted to come to, pretty handed I’ve been gifted this I suppose since I specifically requested not to be given a diary this year from the fat man.


Thanks for reading – hope you’re all feeling as fat and happy as me today. xx